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If you'd asked me a 2 years ago what I wanted to do with my life,
I'd probably would have a legit answer for you,
though now I'm not quite sure anymore.
I've been on a limbo with what my future should be like ever since I got out of high school.
just when I thought I've found something that was perfect for me, I'm now having second thoughts...
is this really part of God's plan for me? was this really it?
there has got to be a reason why he blessed me with this right?
but why I do I doubt myself sometimes, to the point of making myself really confused and frustrated.
Is this just the side effect of stressing out about school and my job? I can't seem to comprehend.
could this be him trying to reach out to me, helping me see something that's right in front of me?
it mentally and physically hurts to think about a future without anything to do with what I love doing.
Am I overreacting, or being too dramatic right now? there are so many questions lingering in my head right now,
I am overwhelm. am I stuck you say? Yes, that a fact!
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no, can't seem to do so
as recalled before, such things fades away too fast for the eyes to see
repeated once more, though promised to hold back.
what has become of this heart, brain is useless, too loose to function.
scared, terrified, cold, rock hard, senseless, abnormal, negativity flying left and right.
comprehension is no longer needed, maybe a little too late as some would say?
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Sometimes you wonder why you hold on to the little things,
even when it's complicated, you choose to stray away from him and ignore the obvious.
you sing & declare to live your life for him, but in the end doing the opposite.
you come to realize in the end you're still hurting,
not feeling any better than before,
repeating the same thing all over again...
then you wonder why haven't anything change?
why do you feel like you're always stuck in a rut.
then you cry out to him, asking why is this happening to you?
what did you do to possibly deserve this type of punishment?!?

God is never punishing you, he is clearly showing you that you have ignore all his signs of love towards you, choosing to be in denial, not trusting in his words. God is always with you, he's always in your heart, but of course he gives you a choice to seek him, because he will only come to those who seek in him. God is always there, present inside your heart.
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.Grace by you shown me the right path.
.Abusive of it, does come with a price.
.I fall with everything I've thought was dead.
.you shown me the light when I fought it so hard.
.appreciate you, love you with every single fiber of my being.
.you're my one and only God, You see me when I don't see you.
.Given me Grace, shown me the path, leading me to LIGHT.

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I'm down on my knee, hunger for a thirst of your unknown soul.
that soul cries out to me, calling me in different way possible to ruin me.
such soul I cannot comprehend, where does it come from?
Is it real? its creation beyond perfection, soothes me from head to toe.
call me once again, dry out my conscious, perfect in itself, I seem to ache for more.


   Time Forgets. heart does not forget. scarred for life.
better in time. take refuge it does not last. look out for more heartbreaks.
the right one won't come about.pray that it will pass. pray so content will surface in time.
hope for something better. joy and happiness is life's brand of heroin.


   I call you by your first name, you answer by desperately leaving me.
I show you how I feel, you answer by Ignoring me.
I comfort your broken heart, you butchered my heart to pieces.
I loathe your presence forevermore, only for this once do leave me in peace once more.


   she failed to receive you. animosity rising failing every sane feelings in her.
cool her down by that very same dose of happiness. leave her be, joy she longs for her time.
conquer her heart, it needs to be tame down. pull her down from reaching her highest ground.
sanity ...sanity... sanity, it doesn't just come about, bring it back to her, she needs to stay alive.


   Rainy days, I crave for more.
water drop, color my world.
dark clouds, keep me warm.
thunder and wind, show me the light.
lighting strikes for I am lost in thought.


   satisfying his need was his number one virtue.
finding out the answer alone liberated his feelings.
forgiveness was something he couldn't apprehend alone.
searching for his answers in the wild was rewarding to his soul.
death was vital for it did not stop him therefore made him stronger.
content in himself  was found in troubled distraught.
loving life in nature healed all his final wounds.

-Gita 10-17-08
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"We can't go back and change the Beginning but we can go FORWARD and change the Ending...."

there are some things in life that will never be erased, or probably ever be forgotten, but that's what makes our lives oh so0o interesting, good or bad, we can choose to interpret them to our lives which will later define who we truly are....

let them all be an inspiration for you like everything has been to me

-Have a nice day!

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Missing in Action...






you all...


try it...

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Shattered Dreams!</u>

Yeah, that day you and I talked, it was suprising how deep we got,secrets and fears

were revealed like we didn't care for tomorrow. how foolish was I to think there was

something right that was happening, not knowing in the end rejection was waiting to

happen.The wake up call was painfull, those dreams of perfect fairy tale came to an end

like a tsunami wiping out a beautiful Island. denying sure didn't help,hopes seems to have

gotten me nowhere. like a lost soul waiting to be found, I waited for you. clocks were

ticking and days, weeks, months have passed by, there's not a day that passed by where

thoughts of you didn't flash through my head. now it's all over, is this really the end?, life

goes on, people move on, what more could I have done. will you regret it, will thoughts of

me  ever occur again in your head? I wanted to know everything about you, love you as

much as I wanted, care for you when life brings you down, hope for you to succeed with

what you do, give you all the love i've got! was that not enough? but now you're neither a

friend or foe to me, for I have realize that I could never hate you. all I feel now is

dissapointment, yes I'm dissapointed... I'm dissapointed towards you!

the one I could've cared for, should've cared for and would've deeply loved!
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follow your dreams no matter what.
that's what I live by more than anything. no matter
how old you are or how young you are,
you should be living your wildest fantasies.
that's the only reason we're on this planet.

Sometimes you have to test someone.
Not because you don't trust them,
but to see how much they'll sacrifice for you.
And sometimes you have to let them go;
not because you suddenly stopped loving them,
but to see if they love you enough to come back.

What you say and how you look does not define who you are,
because some of the most beautiful people do the ugliest things
You owe it to the people who hate you, who disrespect you & who put you down,
because they are the ones who have made you who you are today;
for keeping your head up & not breaking down when they want you to.

too often we underestimate the power of a
touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear,
an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring,
all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

wherever life takes you -- big cities, small towns
you will inevitably come across small minds.
people who think they are better than you are.
people who think that material things or being pretty or popular
makes you a worthwhile human being. but none of these things matter
unless you have a strength of character, integrity, sense of pride.
and if you have these things, don't ever sell them. don't ever sell out.
so when you meet a person for the first time,
please don't judge them by their station in life. because who knows,
that person just might end up being your best friend.

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ur a good sweet pure girl..esspecially pure u know,,so if ur gonna meet a actually must meet a guy who's treating u like sumthin breakable, he must not rush things or want things to quickly or ask to many things from are a pearl of God, a child of God..and he only wants the best for his children...


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To all the guys out there!

Girls are like apple trees. The best ones are at the top
of the tree, but boys don't want to reach for the ones at
the top because they're afraid of falling & getting hurt.
instead, they grab the rotten ones at the bottom. they
aren't as good … but they're easier to get. so the apples
at the top think there's something wrong with them. but
in reality, they're "a m a z i n g" . they just have to be
patient and wait for the right guy who will take the time
» to get a ladder and find a good apple. «

so guys...
"Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God counts her tears.
The woman came out of a man`s rib. Not from his feet to be walked on.
Not from his head to be superior, but from the side to be equal.
Under the arm to be protected, next to the heart to be loved, and only
one rib because there will only be that one special women that you'll
ever come to love."