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If you'd asked me a 2 years ago what I wanted to do with my life,
I'd probably would have a legit answer for you,
though now I'm not quite sure anymore.
I've been on a limbo with what my future should be like ever since I got out of high school.
just when I thought I've found something that was perfect for me, I'm now having second thoughts...
is this really part of God's plan for me? was this really it?
there has got to be a reason why he blessed me with this right?
but why I do I doubt myself sometimes, to the point of making myself really confused and frustrated.
Is this just the side effect of stressing out about school and my job? I can't seem to comprehend.
could this be him trying to reach out to me, helping me see something that's right in front of me?
it mentally and physically hurts to think about a future without anything to do with what I love doing.
Am I overreacting, or being too dramatic right now? there are so many questions lingering in my head right now,
I am overwhelm. am I stuck you say? Yes, that a fact!
  • Listening to: Kent - Socker
  • Drinking: h2o
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Submitted on
September 14, 2011